For Athletes

For Athletes


Medical studies have made it clear that many diseases – and here we do not only mean infection with the coronavirus – can be avoided, alleviated or shortened by appropriate preventive measures. With the scientifically and medically based CORONA PREVENT Program and the associated lifestyle modifications, you can make yourself significantly more resistant to a severe course of infection. The aim of the CORONA PREVENT Program is to strengthen your own body against the risk of infection, improve your immune system and promote long-term health.

How can athletes protect themselves against COVID-19?

The immune system is causally controlled by the autonomous nervous system (ANS) and is therefore dependent on it in its function. Thus all processes that change or deteriorate the ANS have a direct effect on the immune system.

In sports, not only the ANS but also the immune system is challenged by the training load. If the training load is high or too high, this can lead to a limitation of the regulatory capacity of the ANS and consequently to a deficiency in the resistance of the immune system to viral diseases such as COVID-19. Therefore it is important to get an insight into the current health status and thus to adapt the training load to the individual’s regulatory capacity.

The CORONA PREVENT program guides you through the following steps:

How can I recognise my own risk situation?

In order to identify your own risk situation, your current health status is determined by laboratory tests. You can select the desired CORONA PREVENT Test Set and order it by e-mail. Your personal health advisor of the Chrono Institute will be pleased to support you in your selection by telefone. All offered tests can be performed comfortably from home. The test set will be sent to you, which contains instructions and test containers, and will be sent back to the laboratory directly by you. After about three weeks you will receive the encrypted test results digitally.

Which measures are useful for me?

After the risk situation has been identified by the test results, your current health status can be discussed with your personal health advisor. The initial consultation is conducted by telephone and all further consultations can be booked conveniently as online coaching sessions. Your health advisor will discuss the findings with you and, based on them, will design an individual health plan aimed at strengthening your immune system to defend viruses. You can book these online coachings as often as you want.

What do I have to do to stay healthy in the future?

We want to support you in getting through the crisis in a healthy way and furthermore use this crisis as a chance for your own health. The aim of the CORONA PREVENT Program is to set individual interventions for your preventive health care together with you. For this purpose, it is important to check your own health status regularly with tests, to set health measures based on these tests together with our experts and to implement these measures continuously and independently. In this way you have your health under control and stay healthy in the long term.

The program is based on a modular principle and is adapted to the individual person and context of life. In addition to medical experts, a team of experienced trainers and coaches is available in the areas of exercise, nutrition, relaxation, sleep and mental resilience.

With this program we want to support you to get through the crisis in a healthy way and to use this crisis furthermore as a chance for your own health!


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