Music and Arts

Music influences the human organism

Music is a basic human need. Like hardly any other art form it is able to influence the human organism, to “resonate” with it. We explore the possibilities music opens up for salutogenesis. This question refers back to antique, ties in with philosophy (Presocratics, Plato, etc.), at the same time with the present as well as the future, which music is capable of enriching immensely.

No business like show-business


Music is “art of the time” – we are dedicated to working up theoretical and philosophical questions about the nature of time and its significance for artistic creation. At the same time, we are interested in the hard reality of artists, for whom the motto “There is no business like show-business” applies both on and behind the stage.

Artists under great pressure

“Stage fright”, high time pressure and burnout as a result form a vicious circle that many artists go through. With regard to the purely physical demands, classical ballet reaches into top-class sport, but a piano recital is “heavy work” also. Through salutogenic measures, we give the entire professional group, working on stage and on the podium, the opportunity to avoid the development of health problems in a preventive and sustainable manner.

Research topics

  • Theories and philosophy of time – yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • Music as “art of the time”
  • Dramaturgy as “art of the time”
  • Music in the performance-specific salutogenesis
  • Transdisciplinary cultural observation


Oliver Peter Graber

Peter Hauschild


Online seminars on transdisciplinary cultural observation, the topic of “time”, music and dramaturgy; online seminars on “salutogenesis and music