Research Partners


Department of Nephrology at the St. Georg Hospital

The Department of Nephrology with the Interdisciplinary Renal Center and the cooperating Board of Trustees for Dialysis (KfH) at the St. Georg Clinic in Leipzig is a specialized institution for the cross-sectoral care (inpatient and outpatient) of patients with kidney and hypertension diseases.


Department of Nutritional Sciences Vienna

The working group around Doz. Dr. Haslberger at the University of Vienna deals with a variety of topics related to nutritional science.


Research Institute for Banking

The Research Institute for Banking at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz primarily stands for research activities in the fields of economics and business administration in the entire banking sector. A very important pillar of this is an applied research orientation.


Institute for Sleep & Waking Research

The Institute for Sleep & Waking Research in Vienna around Ass.-Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Stefan Seidel, Univ.-Prof. DDr. Josef Zeitlhofer, Dr. Doris Moser and Gerhard Klösch, MPH deals with phenomena like sleep, vigilance, wakefulness and dreams.


International Society of Mayr

The International Society of Mayr Doctors represents, disseminates and teaches worldwide the diagnosis and therapy according to Dr. med. Mayr.


Karl Landsteiner Institute for Traditional Medicine and Salutogenesis

The Institute for TM works on an interactive dialogue and scientific bridge building between Traditional European and Chinese Medicine to bring knowledge together and to conduct joint research with the aim to intensify scientific work. Learn more (DE).

Austrian Cycling Federation

The ÖRV was founded in 1973. The federation holds national championships in road and track cycling as well as championships in mountain biking, BMX, cross country racing and paracycling.


Österreichischer Golfverband

Zu den Aufgaben des ÖGV zählt, den Golfsport in seinen unterschiedlichen Facetten bestmöglich zu fördern. Sowohl für den Breitensport als auch für den Spitzensport werden eine Vielzahl an Maßnahmen gesetzt.


Austrian Golf Association

One of the tasks of the ÖGV is to promote golf in its various facets in the best possible way. A wide range of measures are taken for both popular and professional sports.


prevent AT work GmbH

The aim of prevent AT work is to maintain the ability to work through high quality services. The focus is interdisciplinary and holistic due to the expertise of all disciplines from occupational medicine, psychology, safety engineering to sports and nutrition science.


Sigmund Freud PrivateUniversity

Sigmund Freud Private University (SFU) is a private university accredited under Austrian law since 2005 and has branches in Vienna, Linz, Paris, Berlin, Milan and Ljubljana. The range of courses includes psychotherapy science, psychology, media and digital journalism as well as university courses.


Center for Medical Statistics Vienna

CeMSIIS, the Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics and Intelligent Systems, opens up quantitative and methodological research areas in medicine and life sciences at the Medical University of Vienna.


The Diplomatic Circle of Geneva

The Diplomatic Cercle of Geneva is an international association whose purpose is to establish and promote privileged links between representatives of the diplomatic world and those of civil society.

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation

Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation works to alleviate the suffering of those affected by war and poverty by providing medicine, hygiene products, and projects to bring hope back to their lives.

Technology Partners



Biovis is a laboratory for diagnostics, therapy and individual findings. The focus is on stool diagnostics, clarification of food intolerances, oxidative stress or immune deficiencies.


GenoGyn – preventive medicine

GenoGyn is a joint venture of gynaecologists. The aim is to strengthen the economic efficiency and quality through medical training, training in practice and personnel management, etc.


GolfHouse GmbH – Wiener Neustadt

The Golf House Wiener Neudorf is a shop for golf equipment and is in close contact with the Austrian Golf Association.



For children and adolescents, the biological age may differ from the chronological age by up to two years. Growthmetry has developed a web-based method for estimating the biological age of juniors.

HeartBalance Innovations GmbH

With the Konto der Gesundheit and the WAVE 6.0, HeartBalance has developed a digital health measurement and early warning system for physical and mental illnesses.


HealthBioCare GmbH

HealthBioCare deals with the processing of gene interactions. To this end, it has developed Geneometrics® tools and biohacking concepts for programming top athletes at the cellular level.

Maschek Elektronik

Maschek Elektronik is a manufacturer of user-friendly measurement technology for control and recording electric and magnetic fields.



Based on the findings of sleep research and sleep medicine, Samina supports the regenerative sleep experience with orthopaedic sleeping systems and bedding made of natural materials.


SBA Research GmbH

SBA Research is the largest research center in Austria for cyber security from the Vienna University of Technology, the Graz University of Technology, the University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten. The centre is part of the Austrian COMET excellence programme (COMET – Competence Centres for Excellent Technologies).


SportBalance Innovations GmbH

With the Health Account and the WAVE 6.0, HeartBalance has developed a digital health measurement system for performance diagnostics in fitness, sports and competitive sports.


Somnomedics GmbH

VIVISOL is active in home care, health care and medical and nursing treatment of patients at their place of residence.

Hotels & Clinics


Das Kurhaus | Bad Gleichenberg

The Kurhaus Bad Gleichenberg offers centres that promote well-being and health. Together, they work on health, relaxation and well-being as well as on an active lifestyle.


Gezeiten Haus Gruppe GmbH

The Gezeiten Haus paves new paths to health in private specialist hospitals for Psychosomatic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Kurhotel Leonardo GmbH

The Kurhotel Leonardo in the Waldviertler Nondorf offers cure, therapy and wellness. For this purpose, there are tailor-made programmes on the subject of preventive health care with medical care, nutritional advice and therapies.

Larimar | Hotel – Therme – Spa

With its thermal baths, wellness and spa facilities, the Hotel Larimar opens up new paths to health. Therapy and treatment methods from all over the world show possibilities to release blockades, to get and stay healthy.


Alpenhotel Gösing

The Alpenhotel Gösing in the Austrian Ötscher region offers its guests a range of wellness and sports activities as well as theme weeks such as base fasting.