Environment and health


An intact environment has a decisive influence on human health and well-being. All external influences that affect people – at home, on the way to shopping, at work or during leisure activities – are the subject of the Environment section. Read more about the unhealthy climate crisis!


Read more about the unhealthy climate crisis

Exposure to environmental stressors


Human health and well-being depend to a considerable extent on the quality of this environment. We focus on both natural and man-made environmental pollution as so-called “stressors”. These are, for example, climate change and the increasing number of hot days, increasing air pollution in cities, too much noise and too much light, especially at night, as well as permanent exposure to electromagnetic fields. Environmental protection is always also sustainable health care!

The future of 5G, WLAN and IoT

One of our focal points is the investigation of possible effects of novel exposures with wireless radio networks such as 5G technology, WLAN and IoT. For the first time, objective mobile measurement methods are used which can simultaneously record both radio frequency immissions (HFI) and health parameters and thereby record interactions.


Read more about the missing consensus in risk assessment


  • Sensor development and mobile health monitoring
    Improvement of diagnostics for environmentally-associated stress that leads to adaptation disorders, exhaustion and burnout


  • Environmental sleep laboratory
    Analysis and assessment of environmental factors on the human sleep process to improve the ability to sleep recovery


  • Introduction of 5G technology
    Prospective investigations for clinical studies on HF-NIS (radiofrequency non-ionising radiation) and long-term biomonitoring with simultaneous radiofrequency exposure assessment and health monitoring


  • EU Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI)
    Extended psychophysiological assessment scheme and standardised test procedure as “LivingLab” (room module) for a scientific and transparent assessment of the factors – health, well-being and comfort – in intelligent buildings of the future



  • Research/project in preparation: ZAMG/BMR
    Biometeorology / Climate Change in Austria
  • Research/project in preparation: WBF/BMLRT
    HF-Biomonitoring / Introduction of 5G technology in Austria
  • Research/project in preparation: SRI Platform Austria
    Scientific and transparent assessment of the factor health / Introduction of SRI in Austria
  • Research/project in preparation: COVID-19
    Scientific and transparent evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of fogging processes for room disinfection / with international cooperation
  • Research/Project: Environmental sleep laboratory
    Creation of a “ROOM IN ROOM” concept for the Chrono Institute. Sleep laboratory, taking into account biological and holistic aspects of building biology and holistic aspects for the sleep-optimized room together with SAMINA Produktions- und HandelsGmbH


HFI -1

Method for analysing the interaction of electromagnetic radiofrequency immissions with vegetative regulatory mechanisms of a test subject

AT 51 62 04 B1 2016-07-15 | Read more


HFI- 2

Environmental/health monitoring system for the detection of electromagnetic fields and the influence on vegetative regulatory mechanisms of the human organism

Applied for at the Austrian Patent Office 12-06-2020 | Read more