Mental illness weakens the economy


The rapid increase in mental illness is having a great impact on the social and economic factors of the economic sector. While mental illnesses such as depression, exhaustion and sleeping disorders are already the number 2 cause of days of incapacity to work (sick leave), they are particularly characterised by long periods of absence from work, which in turn must be booked as an economic cost factor for the health system. Especially the Covid-19 crisis has shown how vulnerable the economic system is with regard to health risks.

Health increases the performance of companies


The Institute for Salutology® has set itself the goal of developing methods and instruments in the field of economics to improve the efficiency of human work performance in terms of health and well-being. Sense of the measures is making qualitative effects such as creativity, decision-making and concentration ability, as well as the ability to social processes in the sense of empathy and leadership quality measurable. Following the logotherapeutic view, the personality in the economy should be strengthened through sense, imagination and vision.

We capture the human potential of employees


Instruments for assessing the human potential of the employees of a company or organisation in the economy are seen as the basis of the Institute’s work in this area. By means of a valid recording and objectifiable analysis of soft as well as hard facts of operational processes, new insights into the human potential of employees can be shown with the HeartBalance App for business enterprises.

And create a performance audit of companies


The goal is to present a macroeconomic performance balance of a company (human balance), in which not only the usual commercial law figures, but also the areas that are essentially responsible for the company’s performance, such as physical and psychological resources of the employees, organization, and corporate culture, are linked to form an assessable unit.

Research Topics

  • Measurement methods for performance-oriented processes in commercial enterprises
  • Measurement method for objective recording of the physical and psychological resources of employees
  • Development of the Account of Health as an early warning system for companies
  • Development of a macroeconomic performance audit of a company (human balance)
  • Measurement methods for the analysis, evaluation and control of shift work


Ingrid Pirker-Binder

Andreas Chabicovsky

Friedrich Ring