We combine sport with Salutology®


Top performance as the ultimate goal of performance-oriented sportsmanship stands often in contrast to health and well-being. It is always a balancing act between success, injury, illness and lasting disturbances on a physical and psychological level. The Institute for Salutology® is working on re-establishing the concept of health in sport. SportSalutology aims to combine the health orientation in sports with sustainable performance.

Sustainable performance through regulation capacity


Salutogenic sports medicine and sports psychology builds on the foundation of chrono sciences. From the perspective of chrono biology, the processes of regeneration and recovery—which are indispensable for sustainable performance—combined with the regulation capacity of the autonomous nervous system, become an innovative window into the athlete’s organism.

Better training with regulation diagnostics


We are developing a digital health management system to detect disregulation, overreaching and overtraining at an early stage. With the appropriate chronobiological tools regarding the Basic Rest and Activity Cycle (BRAC), circadian rhythms and sleep structure, new approaches to training management and metabolic training control can be identified and implemented in a practice-oriented manner.

A new tool for training control


We are developing an individual control tool for athletes to support their individual chronobiological development. This not only allows the athlete’s current level of stress to be controlled, but also allows false stress, overtraining and exhaustion to be detected and prevented at an early stage. The resulting objectification of the athlete’s state of health and performance is supported by SportSalutology.

Research Topics

Measurement methods for performance-oriented individual processes in sport

Measuring method for the objective detection of the autonomic nervous system

Development of the account of health as an early warning system for athletes

Development of a measurement system to determine the optimal performance

Chronoscientific methods for training control and competition planning




We offer education and trainings on regulation analysis and regulation diagnostics for training planning and training control.