Salutology® is the science of health


Salutology®, as the teaching of health, is the central focus of the work of the Institute for Salutology®. Therefore, all methods and interventions are addressed in order to secure and maintain the health span as long as possible. In order to guarantee this, an early warning system for deviations from the individual health status is used in order to provide information at an early stage—even before the person is aware of it. This allows timely and preventive measures to be taken in order to maintain an optimal state of health in the long term.

The optimal state of health


In order to anchor individual health development in theory and teaching, the concept of salutology—as the science of health—is contrasted with the currently common concept of pathogenesis—as the science of diseases. Salutology and salutogenic medicine has the task, in the health scientific sense, of developing and demonstrating health development (salutogenesis) and thus salutogenic theories, methods and interventions, as well as transferring them into a practice-oriented teaching of health.

Early detection of regulatory disorders


In order to be able to individually and actively implement health development at an early stage, we use a valid measurement system as a mobile and desktop app to make regulatory disorders, exhaustion and psychosomatic illnesses detectable at an early stage. The chronobiological regulation is to be synchronized with corresponding algorithms regarding Basic Rest and Activity Cycle (BRAC), circadian rhythms and sleep structure. Thus, the recovery ability of the human being can be improved to prevent exhaustion and burnout.

Research Topics

  • Measurement methods for salutogenic processes
  • Measuring method for the objective detection of the autonomic nervous system
  • Development of the health account as an early warning system
  • Development and establishment of a personal health database
  • Chronoscientific methods for salutology and salutogenesis




University course for health development, salutogenesis and prevention.


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