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Prevention for everyone


The aim of the Chrono Institute is to make preventive health care possible for everyone. For this purpose, we offer a range of scientifically tested products and services.



The Chrono Institute and its team of experts in the fields of health, sports, environment and economy offer individuals and companies the following consulting services:

Regulation Diagnostics

  • Worldwide unique early detection of mental illnesses with the patented health measuring device Wave 6.0 and the health management app Health Account.

Individual Research Projects

  • Customized consulting for COVID-19 for companies and private
  • Customized protection and prevention programs like CORONA PREVENT

Health Consulting

  • Preventive and outpatient health programs according to the Viennese School of Salutogenese (F.X. Mayr, Epigenetics, etc)
  • Prevention and treatment of mental illnesses; mental, emotional, traumatic, and physical states of exhaustion such as burnout and depression

Sleep Diagnostics

  • Sleep laboratory and sleep diagnostics

Sports and Performance Diagnostics

  • Sports medical performance analysis and diagnostics for innovative training optimization

Individual Research Projects

  • Individual and customized consulting and research projects for organizations and companies