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For Companies


We see preventive health care as the most effective measure against a severe course with COVID-19, which can be carried out by any individual – company or private person. Companies thus offer their employees a great deal of support, which also has a positive effect on public health. At the same time, massive absences due to sickness can be avoided and thus enormous costs can be saved.

With the CORONA PREVENT Program, companies have the opportunity to make employees and stakeholders significantly more resistant to a severe course of infection and at the same time increase their resilience, performance as well as resistance to stress and creativity.

The programme is aimed at maximum effectiveness with regard to the organisational context and is adapted to the specific characteristics of the organisation and its staff.

The CORONA PREVENT Program guides you and your company through the following steps:

How can I recognise my own risk situation?

Which measures are useful for me?

What do I have to do to stay healthy in the future?

Scientific and medical backgrounds are combined with appropriate measures (mental strength, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress regulation and relaxation) and important information for one’s own behaviour in modules, to create an effective and immediately implementable program. The Chrono Institute offers a range of online courses, webinars, reading and learning material, as well as group and individual consultations by medical experts, experienced trainers and coaches.

With this program we want to support you and your company to get through the crisis healthy and furthermore to use this crisis as a chance for your own health!



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