Who we are

The Institute for Salutology® is dedicated to salutogenesis and Salutology®, the sustainable development of health and the teaching of health to extend the health span to enable a life in health.

What we do


The Institute for Salutology® develops methods and concepts in the fields of health, sport, environment and economy in order to make people aware of their own health as the most valuable capital of life.


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Salutology® is the science of health


Salutology® is the study of health and is found as a complementary addition to pathogenesis, the study of diseases. Health is not only the absence of illness, but a dynamic process of interactions that look at the human being in all its fullness.

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Our Focus


Describes, complementary to pathology, the science of development and the sustainable existence of health. Therefore Salutology® is the science of health.


Prevention is better than cure. Prevention describes the precaution and prevention of diseases even before they arise.


The interaction between the demands of the environment on the organism is caused by the regulation of the autonomic nervous system.


The expert team of the Institute for Salutology® consisting of physicians, psychotherapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, environmental technicians and sports trainers develops and practices measures to improve and optimize health.

Our trainings


The Institute for Salutology® offers medical, psychological, psychotherapeutic as well as other non-medical training and further education.


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