COVID-19 Offering

COVID-19 Offering

So far, measures against coronavirus have been implemented mainly by restricting contacts between people. This is an important step in reducing the rapid spread within the population.

In the second step, however, individuals must become more resistant to the risk of infection as a preventive measure.

For this very purpose, the Excellence Center has developed an offer that shows how you can strengthen your body, mind and environment against emerging viruses.

As a small gift, we give you the voucher code “Edison11”, which gives you -10% off all HealthBioCare products.


  • COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit

With the COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit, people who move around in public areas can be can be tested at regular intervals for the presence of COVID-19 virus. The Beier COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit detects the virus in just a few minutes by means of a nasopharyngeal swab. The test result accuracy is 99.5%. Continue Reading


  • Self-disinfecting and reusable masks

The mask, developed under the scientific supervision of the Free University of Berlin and the Institute of Textile Technology, is equipped with the “Livinguard Antiviral Technology”. This eliminates > 99.9% of Sars-Cov-2 viruses. Continue Reading


  • Corona Prevent

The CORONA PREVENT program is an individual protection and prevention program for you, your family or your colleagues in your company. The aim is to strengthen the immune system and to stay healthy in the long term through preventive health measures. Continue Reading


  • HealthBioCare Virmune® 

VIRMUNE® is a phytoceutical based therapy management that can reduce the reduce the likelihood of a viral infection and, in the case of a mitigate the course of an infection. Continue Reading


  • HealthBioCare Geneometry Panels

The test panels can be used to check individual epigenetic markers, to assess the current individual health status. The Test Panel can be performed independently from home. Continue Reading