What is Longevity?

What is Longevity?


Your age is 90% defined by your everyday choices. Longevity medicine aims to align the health span with the life span. This can be achieved by eliminating diseases even closer to their origin. Namely, when they have not yet been able to manifest. Salutology® is the way, Longevity is the goal.

Longevity is more then Anti-Aging


Longevity research has demonstrated that upstream of disease and its symptoms, biological aging is the best predictor of disease incidence and mortality. Accordingly, the focus of longevity medicine is on measuring biological age as accurately as possible, using the latest precision medicine, and integrating holistic life style interventions that lower biological age and slow the advance of biological aging as much as possible.

Longevity is Cutting Edge


In doing so, Longevity Medicine brings together the latest scientific and technological advances from the fields of biogerontology, gerontology, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, deep learning and omics analytics.

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Katharina Haar

Longevity expert, health-trainer and author