Course Regulation Analysis

Course Regulation Analysis

The analysis of the autonomic nervous system

Early detection of disorders, maintain long term health.

Learn to apply the basic knowledge of regulatory analysis in practice and therapy. With the regulation analysis of the autonomic nervous system, physical and psychological disorders can be recognised at an early stage, treated with the right methods or successfully prevented.

This three-part course teaches basic knowledge, practice and therapy using regulation analysis. Regulation analysis is based on the measurement of heart rate variability and the analysis of the autonomic nervous system and enables detailed statements about a person’s state of health.


Free introduction seminar: 13.05, from 15:00 to 16:00 o´clock

Course A:  20.05, 27.05, from 14:00 to 17:00 o´clock

Course B: 17.06, 24.06, from 14:00 to 17:00 o´clock

Course C: 01.07, 08.07 from 14:00 to 17:00 o´clock


Online over Zoom. You will receive the Link shortly before the seminar


  • € 540,- per course
  • Complete education (A, B and C course): € 1440,- 




  • Confirmation of participation after every course
  • Certificate after completion of A, B and C course

Main focus areas

Course A: Introduction and Basics

  • Introduction in regulation analysis 
  • Basic knowledge of the autonomic nervous system
  • Basic knowledge of heart rate variability measurement
  • Carrying out the HeartBalance analysis with measuring device
  • Evaluation and analysis of the measurement results
  • Practical examples and study results

Course B: Continuation of practice

  • Application of regulation analysis in the context of salutology
  • Theory and calculation methods of regulation analysis
  • The importance of regulation analysis as an early warning system
  • Classification of physical and mental regulation disorders
  • Introduction to individual practice cases and their intervention

Course C: Interventions and therapy

  • The importance of regulatory medicine and therapy
  • The holistic, systemic approach to the human being 
  • Salutology and longevity as health development goals
  • The salutogenic, chronobiological intervention process
  • Client communication in the counselling interview
  • Application of the regulation in counselling practice


The aim of the seminar is to make the meaning, the logic and the far-reaching fields of application of the regulatory analysis of the autonomic nervous system comprehensively understandable and to convey its application in a practical way.

Target group

The invitation is addressed to professionals, experts, consultants and trainers from the health, business and sports sectors, but also to people who are interested in the topic. Previous knowledge of the topic is desirable but not necessary.


Dr. Peter Hauschild

  • Developer and user of the heart rate variability method and inventor of the regulatory analysis of the autonomic nervous system
  • Studies in business administration, psychology and sociology at the University of Vienna, doctorate in psychotherapy sciences
  • Author

We use HeartBalance as the measurement and analysis system for the regulation analysis.





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