New Perspectives

New Perspectives

How you can make use of COVID-19 risks as a chance for your health

Unless a miracle happens, we will have to reckon with considerable restrictions in our lives for many months to come. According to experts, normal daily life will only really be possible with a vaccination against COVID-19 and this could take another one or two years.

So far, the measures against the coronavirus have mainly been implemented by restricting contact between people, including quarantine. This is an important first step to reduce the rapid spread within the population. However, this does not create immunity of humans against the virus (herd immunity), but merely prevents its spread.

In the second step, however, the individual person must become more resistant to the risk of infection.

It is precisely for this purpose that the team of experts at the Institute for ChronoPsychology and ChronoMedicine at Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna has developed the CORONA PREVENT programme, which shows how you can now strengthen your body, mind and family against viruses that appear in a changing environment.

This program guides you through the questions:

  1. How can I recognize my own risk situation?
  2. Which measures are useful for me?
  3. What must I do to stay healthy in the future?

With this program we want to support you and your families to get through the crisis healthy and to use this crisis as a chance for your own health!

New perspectives for our lives!

“The world as we know it is dissolving. But behind it, a new world is coming together, whose shape we can at least guess at” (Matthias Horx).

Never before in the history of the western industrialised countries has such a serious cut in the life of every individual been made. Never before in the development of the post-war generation has such a comprehensive change been experienced, a change that affects all areas of life: health (body), the mind (new behaviour, new learning system, new professional conditions) and the family (distance, profession, economy, society). In order to be able to master these changes better together, but also more innovatively, the team of experts of the Institute for ChronoPsychology and ChronoMedicine (Chrono Institute) has developed the program CORONA PREVENT.

We at the Chrono Institute are concerned with the long-term development of health (salutogenesis) and its teaching of health (salutology). For us, health is not only the absence of illness, but a holistic state that views the human being in all its fullness. Health that arises from a balance of different states, of activity and recreation for example.

Just as day and night are inseparable, the human being is embedded in a duality. Ultimately, the human being must lead this duality to an equilibrium – a homeostasis – or, as our colleague Dr. Henning Sartor repeatedly puts it, as homeostasis – to a dynamic state of equilibrium if health is to be maintained (see: Witasek 2019).

In the human body, the autonomous nervous system serves to adapt to the dual requirements of the environment: the better it is able to balance – regulate – the different environmental conditions, the more resistant, efficient and healthy the human being will be. We call this adaptation of the human organism to the changing conditions of the environment the “regulatory capacity” of the autonomous nervous system.

Our institute’s director Univ. Prof. Dr. Dr. Josef Zeitlhofer and I have been dealing with this topic for many years, which specifically concerns the core problem of fatigue, exhaustion and performance. Regulatory capacity with regard to the strain on work, family, sport and the risk of incorrect strain, as the increasing numbers of fatigue syndrome, depression and burnout show (see: Klösch, Hauschild, Zeitlhofer 2020).

How is this connected to the Corona virus?

If the human body is resistant, adaptable and efficient, environmental burdens – including those caused by COVID-19 – are better adapted. The human organism becomes more resistant and resilient. The resistance in turn results from a healthy immune system and a well-functioning autonomous nervous system. And, the CORONA PREVENT program will address precisely these core factors!

Source: Biovis Fachinformation 04/20

MMag. Dr. Peter Hauschild

Stellvert. Institutsvorstand
Institut für ChronoPsychologie und Chrono Medizin

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