New: awareness

New: awareness

The CHRONO INSTITUT and the C4F Group provide with the first joint product awareness – The SelfBalance Concept and based on it a SPA – The SelfBalance Medical Spa a new possibility to realize the topics Healthness, Vitality, Selfness, Longevity and Nature in the form of a completely new innovative Medical Spa`s. awareness is the harmonious balance between architecture, design, technology, nature, and the people acting in it.

awareness offers the hotel industry, wellness resorts and clinics the possibility to further develop their offer profile in the area of house of health on the basis of preventive, salutogenic test procedures and to offer together with external experts a 365 days/24 hours care for health, efficiency and personal advancement to the hotel or health resort guest.

Better chronically healthy than chronically ill

The new possibility of year-round health care for guests through awareness not only creates a sustainable improvement in the quality of life of the individual, but also a strong customer loyalty of the guest to the hotel, resort or clinic.

awareness opens up new innovative possibilities and perspectives for the entire tourism industry, but also for companies – keyword work-life-balance – to be part of the health turnaround.



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