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Austrian Golf Association

SalutoGolf research project

Due to the increase in psychosomatic illnesses in the population in the last decade, the Chrono Institute at the Sigmund Freud Private University of Vienna has set itself the goal of developing a method not only to detect these illnesses at an early stage (early warning system), but also a method to treat them effectively (salutogenic medicine). This method has been tested with world-class cyclists in recent years and impressive results have been achieved.

The Austrian Golf Association has recognized in the method of the Chrono Institute the possibility of not only promoting the top golf players, but especially – due to decreasing membership – to inspire the mass sport with health-promoting, innovative measures. We have named this method in the context of the project – SalutoGolf.

This has given the Chrono Institute the opportunity to evaluate the salutogenic method developed so far on a larger sample (80 people) over more than 1 year, to offer the Golf Association and the further corporate partner the GolfHouse Group an attractive method in a representative way to the public.

The conception of the SalutoGolf technology is designed as a multifactorial analysis system. This analysis system enables for any number of analysis methods that the collected measurement parameters of the test persons (laboratory parameters, ECG, blood pressure, weight, epigenetics, sleep recovery, …) are stored on a separate time-space track and can be evaluated interdisciplinary. This results in a chronomedical course of the health data.

It is an essential aspect of the project that the experts carry out an individual diagnosis of each test person in workshops after having reviewed the entire interdisciplinary health data. This interdisciplinary cooperation enables the development of an expert system for the evaluation of the analysis results and represents a significant logistical advantage of the applicability but also the utilization of the salutogenic method. This is so important because in practice only individual analytical instruments are assessed by the respective experts, but the interdisciplinary nature of the interactions of the individual health parameters is not taken into account.

The examination on the basis of golf is therefore so far-reachingly target-oriented, as golf is one of the most complex sports. Strength, endurance, as well as mobility and dexterity are basic requirements here, but also the whole psychological area of concentration, reaction speed and vigilance. The SalutoGolf method is tested by means of a standardised assessment of the level of handicap (or its improvement) as an objective performance indicator.

The Chrono Institute sees a very important possibility to anchor the idea and the efforts of health development – salutogenesis and prevention in the public, especially in the golf area. Golfers belong to a higher professional category (self-employed, executives, …) and can therefore serve as multipliers of health promotion in general. In addition, the Austrian Golf Association and the GolfHouse Group have the opportunity to implement the SalutoGolf methodology on a broad scale through their media and distribution channels.