The immune system in our gut

The immune system in our gut

How you can make use of COVID-19 risks as a chance for your health

Studies suggest that COVID-19 could also infect cells in the gut. Since our immune system is highly dependent on the composition of our intestinal flora, it is important to strengthen it by means of specific intestinal care. Already by simple measures, but also by appropriate lifestyle modifications, we can clearly distinguish ourselves from the risk group.


It is precisely for this purpose that the team of experts at the Institute for ChronoPsychology and ChronoMedicine at Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna has developed the CORONA PREVENT programme, which shows how you can now strengthen your body, mind and family against viruses that appear in a changing environment.

This program guides you through the questions:

  1. How can I recognize my own risk situation?
  2. Which measures are useful for me?
  3. What must I do to stay healthy in the future?

With this program we want to support you and your families to get through the crisis healthy and to use this crisis as a chance for your own health!

The immune system in the gut

The scientific evidence from the Covid 19 pandemic suggests that SARS-CoV-2 also binds to ACE2 receptors in the gut, where it could infect cells. Retrospective studies describe this mechanism in the original virus that was responsible for the first SARS pandemic in 2002/2003.

Fecal-oral infection by SARS-CoV-2 has not yet been clearly proven, but
the new coronavirus is detectable in the stool of Covid-19 patients and stool samples can be positive for a long time, even if the virus is no longer detectable in the respiratory tract

This assumption is supported by the observation that some of the Covid-19 patients show gastrointestinal symptoms (e.g. diarrhoea), possibly caused by an increased fluid secretion of the intestine after binding of the virus to ACE2 receptors. Therefore, it seems reasonable to us to initiate preventive measures that lead to a strengthening of intestinal immunity and mucosal barrier.

An important prerequisite for the health of the immune system is a healthy stomach. Many studies today show that the immune system throughout the body is very much dependent on the quality of the intestinal flora and its conditions (milieu). The aim is to build up a strengthened immune system through knowledge and the right diet.

Source: Biovis Fachinformation 04/20

Recommendations for strengthening the immune system by Dr. Alex Witasek


The most important thing for a strong immune system is sufficient exercise. However, we have to make sure that we stay in the aerobic range, i.e. that we do not get into a tissue oxygen deficiency. The simplest rule for this is: always move only so intensively that we can talk without getting out of breath.

Gemüse essen

Vegetables contain not only valuable vitamins and minerals, but above all secondary plant substances that have a variety of anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects. So eat vegetarian at least every 2nd day and always choose vegetables – raw or cooked – as a side dish.

Gute Öle und Fette essen

The famous linseed oil with its omega-3 fatty acids is not the only “king oil”. Olive oil, walnut oil, rapeseed oil and even the medium-chain triglycerides in butter and coconut oil are also extremely valuable. Fatty cold-water fish such as herring or mackerel contain even better, because they contain immediately effective omega-3 fats.


Abstaining from dinner promotes the autophagy of the cells, i.e. the self-detoxification and regeneration of every cell of the body. This is particularly important in the case of viral infections because the viruses use the body’s cells to multiply. If the cells are able to defend themselves better against the viruses, the viruses can no longer multiply. The 16 hours of fasting resulting from not eating dinner also prolongs the life of the cells and helps to produce more repairing stem cells. In addition, the digestive tract is spared, which after all contains about 70% of our immune system.


Warm-cold alternating baths at least for the feet but also for the whole body stimulate our metabolism, the blood circulation and thus the immune system.


If the bowel movement is irregular and/or we suffer from flatulence, it is suspected that the microbiome in our intestines has become unbalanced. Since the microbiome with its 100 trillion bacteria plays an extremely important role for our immune system, it must then be regenerated. Preparations with intestinal bacteria are the first choice here, combined with a healthy diet, whereby slow eating and thorough chewing and salivation are the basis.

Lebensfreude und Angstarmut

However, the most important and effective immune strengthening is caused by the psyche. Anxiety, depression, pessimism, aggression and frustration are health killers. Anxiety was invented to protect against threats and not to suffer. Those who make the best out of every situation recognize what is really important in life. Those who can love and receive love, who can see the glass half full instead of half empty, who can occupy themselves well with themselves, who have not lost their sensitivity for beauty, strengthen their immune system and can defy various threats of illness.

Dr. med. Alex Witasek

After specialist training in general medicine with a focus on surgery, head of a UN medical center in Syria. Since 1988 work in health hotels with emphasis on F.X.Mayr medicine. For 14 years medical director at the Lanserhof Health Centre near Innsbruck. 2006 to 2011 medical director of the artepuri Hotel in Binz on the island of Rügen. Since 1998 member of the board and lecturer of the International Society of Mayr Doctors. Independent consultant and concept developer for health hotels and private health centres. Speaker and seminar leader for companies, congresses, SchmidtColleg and Speakers Excellence. Since 2011 concept developer and doctor at la pura womens health resort kamptal in Gars am Kamp. President of the VerbaMayr Academy in Moscow.

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